Let's walk with women...

Walk A Mile is a global marathon for women's empowerment

I'm walking a marathon, one mile at a time, in 26 different countries. Every mile steps into the shoes of an impoverished woman and shows how the empowerment of women is key to pulling families out of poverty.
Each mile benefits a local women's charity.

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Mile 1: Tanzania

Empowering stove mason entrepreneurs

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Mile 2: Detroit

Hiring homeless women to become seamstresses

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Mile 3: Guatemala

Feeding malnourished families with a social enterprise restaurant

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Mile 4: Serbia

Teaching Roma women to read

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Mile 5: Uganda

Healing and rehabilitating fistula survivors

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Mile 6: Panama

Bringing health care to indigenous communities

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Mile 7: India

Helping an acid attack survivor rebuild her life

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Mile 8: Sri Lanka

Empowering women tea pluckers

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